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MagneGrip at FDIC 2024

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INDIANAPOLIS — Ensuring the safety of your fire station from the hazards of diesel exhaust fumes is crucial. MagneGrip’s exhaust removal and air filtration systems provide the most effective solution. In the relentless pursuit of eliminating firefighters’ exposure to cancer-causing toxins, MagneGrip rejects words like ‘almost,’ ‘nearly,’ and ‘virtually’ which fall short of our commitment to protecting our first responders.

Cancer has been the cause of 66% of career firefighter deaths since 2002 and the persistence of diesel exhaust in firehouses poses an ongoing threat to firefighter well-being. Without proper capture, these fumes infiltrate not only the apparatus bay but also living quarters, subjecting firefighters to prolonged exposure during their shifts. Scientific evidence links this exposure to diesel exhaust—a known carcinogen—with the development of lung cancer.

The combination of MagneGrip’s exhaust removal and AirHAWK Air Purification systems is the ultimate defense against cancer-causing toxins within the fire station – eliminating 100% of diesel exhaust fumes. The MagneGrip PRO nozzle, featuring patented Flex-Magnet Technology, stands out as the safest and most user-friendly system available:

  • Achieves a true 100% seal against diesel exhaust fumes
  • Flex-Magnet effortlessly attaches and detaches from a standing position
  • Snug fit to the apparatus, optimizing space around it
  • Smallest standard tailpipe adapter ensures maximum ground clearance
  • Guaranteed auto-disconnect eliminates the need for additional safety disconnects

At this year’s FDIC event, MagneGrip is giving away an AirHAWK 265 unit – a portable, free-standing air filtration unit that is perfect for smaller rooms such as offices, workout areas, and sleeping quarters. Visit us at booth #3694
About MagneGrip:

With over 40 years of expertise in the air cleaning industry, MagneGrip, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, is dedicated to firefighter health and safety. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified, proudly owned and operated by Midwest Ohioans, and our products are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

For more information on the grant application process and how MagneGrip can fortify your station against diesel exhaust fumes, visit or call 800-875-5440. Your safety is our priority.