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Spotlight: Black Mamba Protection offers feature-rich mobile digital video solutions for fire

Focuses on mutual safety of firefighters and civilians, situational accuracy, and evidence collection


Black Mamba Protection Solution

Company Name: Black Mamba Protection
Headquarters: Austin, Texas
Signature Product: Fire/Rescue: The Hero

Named after the deadly African Black Mamba snake, Black Mamba Protection has a mission: to improve operations, management, and safety within the law enforcement, fire, and EMS communities with their custom mobile video and tracking solutions. We asked David McAnulty, president of Black Mamba, about how his company and its products meet that mission.

Where did your company name originate from?
Our company name originated from the feared African Black Mamba, one of the most venomous and fastest snakes in the world. The reaction we wanted when thinking about our Wireless Vehicle Management Operations, Video Monitoring, and GPS Tracking Technology systems is that a solution by Black Mamba garners immediate attention and the utmost respect. We feel that the Black Mamba, without a doubt, receives this reaction with every encounter.

What was the inspiration behind starting your company?
Early in the development phase of Black Mamba, it was surprising how little our technology, or any technology, was being used by law enforcement. Our initial focus was on the mutual safety of officers and civilians, situational accuracy, and evidence collection. We quickly realized that our solutions had much further reaching implications, not only for the law enforcement community, but for every public safety and transportation agency: from the ability for EMS to live stream incoming patients directly to the on-call doctor at the ER, to Fire Departments being able to defend themselves from frivolous claims and lawsuits as a result of false accusations during response calls, and utility companies having the ability to display vehicle and crew locations to more efficiently coordinate resources and distribute assets for minimal downtime and maximum recovery.

Why do you believe your products are essential to the Fire community?
Black Mamba Protection technology allows for the creation of real-time availability of data to enhance the effectiveness, accuracy of communication, and critical knowledge needed for instantaneous coordination and cooperation of resources and personnel. Using the latest in 802.11N wireless (WAN), 3G/4G, and M2M technology, Black Mamba Protection’s technology, software, and services bring the next generation of comprehensive solutions to Mobile Hi-Res Video Management and Asset Tracking.

We are dedicated to providing fully loaded hardware and software solutions using cutting-edge Digital Vehicle Management Systems, 4CH high-definition Video, and Asset Protection through the use of the BMP1100 Video Processing Unit (VPU) with 4-Channel D1 Mobile Video Technology and GPS Tracking. All solutions include a rugged, portable, and powerful in-vehicle data center. This provides users and agencies with real time remote live feeds, offsite control, control center operations, migration management, mass updates, full data encryption, client/server software, and many other features.

What has been the biggest challenge your company has faced?
Black Mamba Team’s biggest challenge was creating and combining cutting-edge technology for in-car video solutions capable of transforming usage and applications to levels not previously witnessed. We did this by increasing the integration and functionality by 100-fold, which inand-of itself was a very challenging task but that was only the beginning.

We went out into the field to understand the shortcomings of currently implemented technology and in some cases the lack thereof. We wanted to understand in minute detail the day-to-day operations and situations faced by agencies and potential clients in order to build the most efficient and effective solutions for each market.

Our research and the feedback provided the Black Mamba Team with the insight that we needed to develop a customized solution with specific architecture based on the individualized needs of each of our client markets (Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, Public Transportation, and Businesses with Fleet Operations). Additionally, our solution would require the ability to integrate into virtually any system’s architecture currently deployed in any vehicle. This was our biggest challenge.

After many months we emerged with our vision of a breakthrough solution in mobile video and tracking; we had created something that has the ability to improve, enhance, and complete pre-existing systems without expensive overhead typically associated with upgrading or replacing proprietary equipment or operating as a standalone unit capable of achieving the highest quality results. Our end mission is to introduce the latest advancement in mobile and vehicle technologies to dramatically enhance the day-to-day performance of our clients.

What makes your company unique?
Black Mamba Protection’s Research and Development Team has engineered custom solutions specifically for Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, EMS, Fleet Service and Business Agencies. The combination of specialized features and intuitive user controls creates an unequaled solution robust and reliable enough to meet military standards, while at the same time being flexible and open enough to benefit industries ranging from law enforcement to civilian users. Black Mamba Protection offers a unique and unrivaled business model structured for full end-to-end solution deployment, specifically created from extensive research, feedback, and real life usage.

Each solution is all-inclusive with our Mobile Digital Video Recorder the BMP1100 and 4 Hi-Resolution cameras specifically engineered for maximum efficiency determined by market environment and operational need. Included with each package is the client/server software needed for immediate field operation, 1 year limited hardware warranty, Onsite Installation by Master Certified Installers, operator training, and operation training materials. To ensure proper communication and coordination for all project implementations, Black Mamba provides a dedicated Sr. Project Manager as a single point of contact to manage the deployment from beginning to end.

With our ability to integrate into virtually any system’s architecture currently deployed in any vehicle, we have the distinguished ability to improve, enhance, and complete pre-existing systems without expensive overhead typically associated with upgrading or replacing proprietary equipment. All the equipment and services above are included in the price of the solution without any additional purchase requirements or upgrade fees.

What do your customers like best about you and your products?
Our efforts to improve safety, reduce costs, and increase efficiency are combined with our technology’s ability to integrate into existing architecture or completely standalone. Black Mamba Protection’s pledge to each and every customer is to continuously deliver technology and services far beyond current standards and practices in their industry. Additionally, Black Mamba Protection has the unwavering goal to be regarded as the foremost leader in technology, services, quality, and client support.

What is the most rewarding part of serving the first responder community?
At the end of the day our staff realizes that Black Mamba Protection’s solutions help to provide the tools that allow members of the first responder community to maximize the chances of survival and support the heroic efforts of providing protection to the public and help to those in need.

Do you support any charitable organizations within public safety?
We proudly support the Law Enforcement Foundation Inc., Bastrop Volunteer Fire Department, and America’s Heroes, Inc.

What’s next for your company? Any upcoming projects or initiatives?
We are currently working on Lapel Integration into BMP1100, Remote Aerial Vehicle with Integration into BMP1100 and Tier 3 Cloud Storage Remote Management and Data Storage.

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