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ARI-HETRA Announces New Heavy-Duty Press

Model HDEP & HDMP Series

Manassas, VA - ARI-HETRA announces its newest product series, the HDEP & HDMP Heavy-Duty Presses. These presses are versatile enough to handle a wide range of bearings, u-joints, kingpins and other parts. Capacities from 33 TONS up to 330 TONS. There are two main variations (Electro-Hydraulic & Manual) as well as multiple capacity versions of each. The Electro-Hydraulic HDEP features a powerful single speed pump with an up-neutral-down control handle and the Manual HDMP features a two-speed hand pump. Both model lines feature a tough powder-coated finish, adjustable worktables and a sturdy design that will last for years. To complement the Presses, ARI-HETRA also carries a full range of optional accessories, including V-Blocks, Pin Extracting Plates, Adjustable Center Points and Tee Slot Milled Plates.

ARI-HETRA is a privately held company with well over 36 years of experience. ARI-HETRA offers the world’s finest Heavy-Duty Lifting Equipment, Exhaust Extraction Systems, and Wheel Service Equipment.

ARI-HETRA systems are used in over 40 different industries. Some of our customers include airlines and airport authorities, fire departments, military bases, transit, bus and coach companies, utility companies, school districts and many other heavy-duty automotive repair facilities.

We invite you to visit our website at for further details, or simply give us a call at: 800-562-3250.