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Kochek’s new chromed aluminum coatings add strength, protection

Chrome is plated over a layer of bright nickel for a brilliant chrome finish and provides superior weight reduction benefits, too

PUTNAM, Conn. - Kochek Company, LLC, a premier manufacturer of specialty fire equipment and water movement solutions, recently announced that its new chrome aluminum coating is available for all its products. Unlike polished aluminum and powder coatings, Kochek’s chrome coating is plated over a bright nickel layer to achieve a hard, uniform finish that is lustrous and distinctly reflective. Tested under harsh field conditions, Kochek’s aluminum fittings coated in true chrome provide a durable, wear resistant finish that offers excellent corrosion protection without flaking. Lighter weight than products coated over brass, aluminum fittings finished in Kochek’s chrome coatings help reduce overall vehicle weight, providing additional cost savings.

Kochek now stocks a variety of chrome coated parts ready to ship and plans to expand its chrome product line as demand continues to grow. All Kochek products are protected by a five-year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

About Kochek
Headquartered in Putnam, CT, Kochek Company, LLC was founded in 1988. Kochek is a leading manufacturer of water movement products for fire, water works, and irrigation markets throughout the world. More information about Kochek may be found at