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(Nov. 2014) - When Odyssey Specialty Vehicles was acquired by EchoStream Motor Group, roughly 18 months ago, it was a well-respected conversion specialist that had been producing some of the finest 1st-response vehicles for the past 35 years. 
Known for their top quality cabinets and components, clients rely on Odyssey for manufacturing quality that typically outlasted the vehicles themselves.   “Our secure storage solutions often outlast our clients’ vehicles.  Some agencies ask us to remove their Odyssey cabinets from their retiring vehicles to be swapped into their new vehicles.  We feel a large amount of pride in the quality of product we provide agencies across the world,” says Odyssey CEO Daniel Huang.

That sense of pride and workmanship continues today under the new ownership; however, where Odyssey’s product development and innovation initiatives of the past remained relatively modest – mostly responding to direct requests from customers – the new Odyssey’s approach is technology-driven and entirely pro-active.  Committed to generating solutions that will support emergency rescue workers and save lives, the management at Odyssey has broken the mold in their approach to doing business in a traditionally conservative industry. 

For example, last month Odyssey hosted the 1st annual Emergency Vehicle Manufacturer’s Expo at their headquarters in Wharton, NJ.  Both suppliers and competitors alike where invited and participated in a rare example of inter-industry solidarity.  “Some of our competitors where skeptical of our intentions at first, but when we explained that the event would benefit and bring more attendees with more exhibitors and that despite our shared market, each of us have unique offerings, companies where happy to participate.”  The show was well attended by members of Law Enforcement, Fire and the Emergency Medical fields and featured more than 30 exhibiting companies.

In addition, Odyssey conducts surveys and implements cutting –edge innovation practices to identify 1st responder needs and to develop novel and practical solutions.  For instance, the EchoBoardTM, Odyssey’s fully-integrated, multi-point, touch-screen command suite is a fully-functional mobile computer that replaces traditional dry-erase command boards.  The ultimate multi-tasking field tool, EchoBoardTM communicate with tactical headquarters, map-track-and-coordinate multiple field operations, gather-and-coordinate vital information (including still & moving images), and every other task a powerful computer is capable of completing.  “Currently, we are in the process of developing a drone to coordinate with the Echoboard” said Huang.  “The UAS (unmanned aircraft system) will have many useful applications, such as search & rescue support and crowd surveillance.  Despite some resistance from the FAA, it appears that there is consensus that this technology will become a vital tool in many rescue and protection scenarios.  We’re focused on developing the best solution for this application; our present model is capable of providing live-stream, high-definition video imagery from up to 1 mile away and at night, we can switch to thermal imaging.” 

Of particular interest for EMS and healthcare workers, Odyssey’s “Highly Infectious Patient Transport” vehicle is a protocol-critical solution that safely transports infectious patients – keeping the patient safe while protecting medical personnel and the general public from potential contamination.  The Highly Infectious Patient Transport features antimicrobial walls and surfaces, negative pressure air processing and UV irradiating systems to ensure the safe pick-up and transfer of infected and highly-contagious patients.

If you would like to help Odyssey to develop new product solutions for 1st responders, they welcome members of the Law Enforcement, Fire Protection, and Emergency Medical services to participate in their brief Innovation Research & Development survey.  Your input and experience could help to save lives.  To take the survey, click on: Odyssey R&D Survey
To learn more about Odyssey, the EchoBoardTM, or any of their numerous conversions & cabinets, go to their website at: 

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