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Seats Incorporated purchases Kansas facility

Reedsburg, WI-- Seats Incorporated is pleased to announce the addition of our Spring Hill, Kansas facility. The 112,400 square foot facility provides additional manufacturing and assembly space to support the Turf division and expand production capacity. Manufacturing will begin in October 2018. “Seats Incorporated continues to lead the seating industry and the addition of the Spring Hill facility solidifies our commitment to our customers,” Eric Sauey, President and CEO of Seats Incorporated, says of the purchase.

Seats would like to thank the City of Spring Hill and Johnson and Miami Counties for their support during this acquisition. “We continue to work with the city of Spring Hill to provide jobs in the community and expand our production in a mutually beneficial relationship” Tim Stevens, Spring Hill general manager, stated. He continues “The new facility will provide us with additional capacity and provide new jobs with opportunity for growth and development at Seats. For current job listings, please visit

About 911 Seats Incorporated

Seats Incorporated is a Wisconsin corporation that designs, manufactures and markets seating and accessories for operators of vehicles with wheels or tracks. W. R. Sauey, Chairman of the Nordic Group of Companies, founded the Company in 1952 as a manufacturer of seats for lift trucks. Seats Incorporated is now one of the most diverse seating manufacturers in the nation with products that are used in a wide variety of applications including: industrial trucks, over-the-highway semi-tractors, off-highway equipment, earth moving equipment, military vehicles and emergency vehicles. Seats Incorporated is a member of the Nordic Group of Companies.