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Nassau Fire Apparatus Saves Nassau County Millions Through the Use of Ambulance Remounts

Always an advocate of quality products and money-saving options, Nassau Fire Apparatus has worked with Nassau County since 2003 to save them precious budgeting dollars through the use of ambulance remounts. With many departments like Nassau County being forced to make a dwindling budget go further, Nassau Fire Apparatus recognized the need for more affordable ways to keep ambulance fleets in service for longer periods of time. Implementing an ambulance remounting program seemed to be the logical path to take as the process is capable of more than doubling the life cycle of what has been traditionally expected of ambulances in the past.

To ensure a successful remounting process years later, a department must purchase an ambulance fleet that is durable and built to last for decades. With this in mind, Nassau Fire Apparatus encouraged Nassau County to purchase a fleet of Braun Ambulances. These ambulances’ initial costs were higher than other competing ambulance manufacturers, however, the added value of their solid body construction and their resilience has allowed the remounting process to continue time after time without fail. The fleet has sustained 18 collisions to date that were serious enough to total an ambulance of lesser cost and quality, but the Braun trucks involved remained salvageable because of the quality and strength of their construction process.

With this plan in place, Nassau County has embarked on a program of remounting all of their vehicles when the chassis has reached its maximum life cycle as opposed to purchasing new. Even taking into account the additional cost for the Braun Ambulance units initially, the savings realized through the remounting process are
still quite impressive. The money saved by Nassau County, and in turn, the taxpayers, from the remount program with the most recent 13 unit contract has amounted to $1,929,778 to date.

Nassau Fire has always provided both service and assistance in maintaining this program at no additional cost to Nassau County. Their exceptional product knowledge and hands-on expertise has allowed Nassau County to realize these monumental cost savings. In today’s challenging economic times, this program has proven
exceptional foresight when you consider the economy of scale that it provided for Nassau County.

Understanding that the ambulance remounting program will only become more popular with time, Nassau Fire Apparatus recently hired Sonny Dove as the newly appointed New England Ambulance & Fire Vehicle Remount Sales Representative. This will allow Nassau Fire Apparatus to expand its territory from New York and Vermont into the New England region so as to provide this budget-saving service to a whole new customer base. The proven success of Nassau County’s ambulance remount program in reducing costs and keeping the fleet on the road will encourage other departments and organizations to seriously consider their own remount program instead of always purchasing new. If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Andy Buglione, please call 631-254-1414 or email If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases please contact the company listed in the press release.

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