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Jetboots by Patriot3 have been Approved for Military Use by the U.S. Department of Defense


Jetboots, Accomplish the Mission!

Patriot3 Maritime is proud to announce that Jetboots have been approved for Military use. After several years of extensive testing and development Patriot3’s Jetboots have received AMU Certification.

Jetboots are the Hands Free Diver Propulsion System designed and patented by Patriot3. Jetboots are currently employed by Special Navy Units throughout the world.

With the AMU Certified stamp from the US Military now on the product, customers can be certain that Jetboots are fully tested through the most comprehensive military evaluation program in the world.

For more information on the Jetboots product please see the Jetboots page on our website. To see Jetboots Video visit our face book page at Patriot3Maritime.