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JW Fishers Mfg underwater search equipment: See us at booth 5449

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JW Fishers has been developing and manufacturing underwater search equipment for over 50 years. The breadth of product is unmatched in the industry and is being utilized by search and rescue departments, fire, police, military, and governmental agencies across the globe.

JW Fishers side scan sonar line gets a major upgrade to a 450/900 kHz CHIRP Side Scan Sonar system. This turnkey system provides longer range settings and increased resolution at a fraction of the cost of competition. Sonars are one of the most effective tools for underwater search operations because they produce a detailed picture of the bottom regardless of water clarity. Rugged construction, powerful software, and simplicity of operation are key features of JWF sonars. High resolution images are sent from the towfish to a ruggedized laptop for display and storage or an optional mounted in the Sonar Processor Box. The included GPS allows a target’s position coordinates to be instantly viewed and automatically stored with the sonar data. Optional boat tracking software shows the path of the boat as it travels over the search area and the width of the scanned area, all overlaid on a nautical chart.

The flagship products of the JW Fishers video line are two high-tech, economically priced ROVs; the


SeaOtter-2 and the SeaLion-2. These highly maneuverable remote-controlled vehicles have a four-motor propulsion system providing all the necessary power to work in ocean currents and descend to depths of up to 1,000 feet. The SeaLion-2 boasts even more thrust with a “Power Boost” feature that provides the ROV with an extra burst of speed in high current situations. The 4400 lumen LED lighting provides vivid images in low visibility environments. The high-resolution front and rear color cameras both have pan and tilt capability. Weighing less than 45 pounds, the ROV is easily deployed and recovered by a single person. JW Fishers ROVs have been utilized in large area searches such as 2018’s LionAir crash. Options for these ROVs include a low-cost single function manipulator arm, side cameras, and scanning sonar.

JW Fishers Pulse 8X is a commercial-grade underwater metal detector rated #1 by the US Department of Homeland Security. This detector is capable of detecting targets at a range of over 6 feet. The Pulse 8X works equally well on land and underwater. It comes with a complete with an underwater earphone, land headphones, handles for land and underwater use, AC and DC battery chargers, hip mount kit, and a rugged nylon carry bag. An extensive line of interchangeable coils makes this one of the most versatile and powerful detectors on the market today.


JW Fishers SAR-1 was specifically designed for public safety dive teams to locate metallic objects in low visibility environments. The “snareless” SAR-1 has a streamlined design with no external wires or cables, ultra-bright LED indicators and a vibration feature. When the detector approaches a metal object the handle begins to vibrate and the LEDS illuminate. As the bright yellow search coil gets closer to the target, the vibration becomes more rapid and more of the high intensity red LEDs light up.

To learn more, visit booth 5449, email, call (800)822-4744 and go to