Unifire Seeks Global Network of Dealers

end picture AB announces that it has resolved to develop a global network of qualified dealers of its nozzles and monitors.
The Swedish manufacturer of world-renowned hand-line nozzles and stainless steel monitors has since 1969 primarily worked directly with its customers around the world. Due to Unifire’s recent rapid growth in sales—which, the company reports is due in significant part to strong sales of its relatively new and state-of-the-art remote-controlled “Force” monitor series—Unifire is now accepting applications from strong and qualified companies which are interested in dealing in Unifire nozzles and/or monitors in the following industries:
* Municipal Fire Fighting / Vehicle Manufacturers
* Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF)
* Ships, yachts & Marine Industries
* Government, Police & Military (e.g. Riot Control Vehicles, aircraft hangar protection, government contracts)
* Incineration Plants / Renewable Energy Plants
* Tunnel Fire Protection & Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems
* Building Protection
* Mining Industry
* Industrial Applications
* Oil, Gas & Petrochemical
* Water Trucks & Special Vehicles (Non-Governmental & Non-Mining)
* Non-Traditional Markets (e.g. Zoos, Fountains, Miscellaneous)
Prospective Unifire dealers must demonstrate strong potential and commitment to market and sell Unifire equipment in their respective industries and geographical territories.
Unifire’s Director of International Sales & Marketing, Roger Barrett James, has stated that, “Unifire is excited about its decision and commitment to develop a strong network of dealers around the globe. Unifire’s new dealership policy provides our prospective dealers with a great opportunity for expansion of sales by offering Unifire’s high-quality products, with attractive dealer discounts as well as exclusivity to protect their respective sales and marketing efforts. Unifire anticipates that this new policy will also contribute to enhanced customer service capabilities and will lead to a further increase in global sales.”
Interested candidates may download Unifire’s Application for Dealership from and may contact Roger Barrett James for more information at or by telephone at +46 303 248 403.

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