What was the most valuable thing you learned in the fire academy?

Every firefighter is taught similar lessons, but often takes away specific messages; here are some examples our Facebook fans learned

In most states, if you want to become a firefighter, you must train and graduate from a fire academy.

While every fire academy teaches similar mechanics and technical aspects of firefighting, some students take away different valuable lessons that strike a chord with them.

Here's what our Facebook fans said they learned while they were in the fire academy.

Sound off on valuable lessons you learned in the comment section below.

1."Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable." — Scott Taylor

2."Train as if your life depended on it, never stop learning, always listen to advice from the seasoned guys, and take care of your guys and equipment and they will take care of you. Never leave your fellow brothers behind. Two in and two out. Don't become complacent." — Alexis Eduardo

3."There is a book way and the real-life way." — Andrew Nipas

4."Everybody goes home." — Terry Park

5."That training doesn't end there." — Matthew Calnan

6."Brotherhood!" — Andy Horridge

7."Always chock the tires." — Adrian Uscanga

8."Eyes and ears open, mouth shut. Listen and learn, and earn respect." — Sarah Conley Fritz

9."No call is ever the same." — Aaron Cadwell

10."When you start calling them "routine calls," you have become complacent and will get hurt." — Bob Donahue

11."Try before you pry is always a good thing." — Sean Eckhoff

12."The heart is the most important muscle." — Mathieu Julien

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