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Reality Training: The 360-degree survey

Chief Wylie drives home the importance of the 360-degree survey. It’s a company officer’s primary responsibility to survey the scene for safety conditions and hazards.

Watch the original videos of Scott (La.) Fire Department’s response to a mobile home fire here and here.

Chief Rob Wylie is a 29-year fire service veteran who retired as fire chief of the Cottleville FPD in St. Charles County, Missouri. Wylie has served as a tactical medic and TEMS team leader with the St. Charles Regional SWAT team for the past 19 years. He is a certified instructor and teaches at the state, local and national level on leadership, counter-terrorism and TEMS operations. Wylie graduated from Lindenwood University, the University of Maryland Staff and Command School and the National Fire Academy’s EFO Program. Connect with Wylie on LinkedIn.