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‘What is your learning culture?’: Chris Paskett details how to encourage idea-sharing

The Eugene Springfield (Oregon) Fire battalion chief details the importance of a shared vision of learning and training at every organization

“Do your folks come to work expecting to learn something new? Or is it a surprise when they are asked to go to a class or a drill? That’s culture.” Battalion Chief Chris Paskett wants to create a culture of learning in the fire service, where organizational education is baked into the daily routine. He offers four (of 20!) areas where departments can seek to encourage a top-down focus on continuing education and ways to evolve the culture to support that goal.

Plus, we dig into all of this:

  • How to create bite-sized daily trainings that move the needle
  • The impact of learning styles and why they matter
  • Looking for small wins with learning

Note: Learning styles theory has not been proven through research. But firefighters who understand their learning preferences and abilities may be better prepared to utilize the learning methods that a) they are most comfortable with and b) that have worked for them previously. It may also give them options if the instruction they are receiving is not equating to a positive learning outcome.

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