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Firefighting 101

Firefighting 101 articles are intended to educate a non-fire service audience about the fire service profession. These articles are written by FireRescue1 staff members and FireRescue1 contributors, and cover a wide range of topics from how to join a fire academy to how to pass the exams required to be a firefighter. If there’s a topic you’d like to see covered, or are interested in writing for Firefighting 101, email

It’s a tough job to land, but a great career once you do; here’s a look at what you need to do to go from applicant to rookie
343 FDNY firefighters, plus one New York Fire patrolman, were killed in the terrorist attacks, along with dozens of other public safety personnel
From a firefighter sponsorship program to themed dinners at the firehouse, check out these out-of-the-box strategies for raising your department’s profile in the community
Increased fire and safety awareness to prevent fire-related fatalities has also surged the demand to establish fire truck stations in rural areas
The market is witnessing a trend towards rental services, offering enhanced flexibility and cost-effectiveness for fire departments looked at economic and fire industry data to determine the states offering the most for firefighters.
NFPA code 70e helps firefighters calculate and maintain a safe boundary when dealing with flashovers
Learn about different classes of fire and the types of extinguishers used in the fire service
Emergency dispatchers are crucial for obtaining information needed to determine an emergency course of action