Video: 3 plank variations for firefighter workouts

Planks help strengthen firefighters' core muscles and protect their back and shoulders

Firefighting is hard on the back! Reaching up to pull hose from a hose bed, lifting patients, pulling ceilings and opening walls during overhaul, or twisting to position yourself and equipment on a roof—these are all motions that put you at risk for injury.

But as Lexipol co-founder Gordon Graham always says, “Predictable is preventable”—if we know we’re at risk for back injuries, we can do something to prevent them. And that’s where the plank exercise comes in. Using just your body weight and some simple movements, planks work your abdominal, glute and shoulder muscles, helping you build a stable core that you can draw on during any fireground movement.

In this quick video, Aaron Zamzow, a firefighter with Madison (WI) Fire Department and founder of Fire Rescue Fitness, demonstrates three variations on the plank exercise and explains how incorporating them into your workout can help protect your back and shoulders.

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