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The future of apparatus starts here

Fire apparatus can have a duty life of 10 to 30 years, but with technology advancing faster than ever before, are you buying the apparatus you need today or the apparatus you will need in 2030 and beyond?

This series explores the apparatus advancements, including the uptick in hybrid and electric vehicles employed by fire departments. It also explores simple ways to make apparatus upgrades and how the evolving fire service mission will impact apparatus specifications in the future.

A personal plea for all leaders to embrace the clean cab concepts that will protect firefighters from apparatus contaminates
Successful management of long-term apparatus purchasing requires an all-hands approach at the fire department’s strategic, organizational and task levels
Don’t just pencil-whip that form; take the time to get it right
There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to whether the fire service will eventually embrace electric apparatus
More and more fire departments are adding blocking units to protect emergency scenes
Consider costs, compartments, multi-functional uses and response area when envisioning your department’s next apparatus
The surge of lightweight construction across the country underscores the need to look to the future of community development
We will remember the first chief to purchase an all-electric fire apparatus, not the chief who bought the department’s last internal combustion engine
The advancement of wildland fire apparatus and equipment depends on using available technology and pushing for undiscovered technology
It’s important to consider the implications before assuming transport-capable apparatus is the simple solution to ambulance delays
From auto-pilot deployment and drones to “cow-pusher” mechanisms, fire service leaders imagine the apparatus of the future
Having seen the units in person, it’s time to address some common naysayer reactions
As the automotive industry revs its engines for EVs, questions remain for some fire service leaders