Las Vegas mayor ‘shocked’ after allegations of fire station misconduct

Mayor Carolyn Goodman claimed the issue was “very clearly addressed” months ago when former Capt. Richard Loughry allegedly had sex with a 15-year-old

By FireRescue1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — The mayor of Las Vegas is “shocked” after another round of allegations of sex at a fire station has come to light.

Review-Journal reported that city officials are investigating claims that a firefighter had sex at a fire station. Mayor Carolyn Goodman said the issue was “very clearly addressed” months ago after another sexual misconduct scandal.

“We very clearly addressed the policies, the procedures, so this wouldn’t recur,” Mayor Goodman said. “I don’t know whether a ball dropped or what happened. If true, it’s a serious matter and it will be appropriately handled. My hope is there’s no merit to it.”

In April, former Las Vegas Fire Capt. Richard Loughry resigned from the department and is facing eight felony charges for having sex with a 15-year-old prostitute.

The accused firefighter denies any sexual misconduct, but city officials confirmed an investigation is underway. A fellow firefighter made the allegations that he caught his colleague with a woman behind a closed curtain in a fire station dorm and could hear “what sounded like kissing,” according to the report.

The allegations claim that fire department officials tried to cover up the alleged incident by trying to keep the whistleblower quiet.

“I don’t find the source credible,” councilwoman Michele Fiore said. “I know our city firefighters. I don’t want the public judging our fabulous city firefighters through the media — nothing has been resolved.”

“I will reiterate that I have zero tolerance for that kind of behavior in our fire department,” city manager Scott Adams said. “I don’t have all the facts yet, but when we do, we’ll take the appropriate action.”

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