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NVFC releases updated Junior Firefighter Program starter kit

NVFC releases updated Junior Firefighter Program starter kit The National Volunteer Fire Council resource covers everything from liability to recruitment


National Volunteer Fire Council/Facebook

By Bill Carey

WASHINGTON — The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) announced the release of an updated Junior Firefighter Program Starter Kit to help departments build a successful youth program.

This latest Starter Kit was designed to serve as a one-stop resource to help departments develop a junior firefighter program. Step-by-step guidance covers everything from funding to member retention. Information on liability, setting requirements, and onboarding advisors is also included.

The program contains 10 steps for success:

  1. Secure Department Support

  2. Assess Liability

  3. Onboarding Advisors

  4. Determine the Appropriate Age Range

  5. Establish What Youth Members Can and Cannot Do

  6. Set the Minimum Requirements for Youth Participants

  7. Formalize the Program’s Operating Guidelines and Other Documents

  8. Find Funding

  9. Recruit Youth Participants

  10. Utilize Resources to Maintain Your Program

According to the NVFC, junior firefighter programs provide youth opportunities to learn about fire and emergency services safely. Junior Firefighters learn to build life skills such as teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and community service. Fire departments using junior firefighters get needed non-operational support and an excellent recruitment instrument, strengthening the bond between the department and the community.

The update was made possible with support from California Casualty.