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OSCR360 for Fire Scene Investigation:

Built from the voice of fire investigators, law enforcement and district attorneys, L-Tron’s OSCR360 system was developed to document fire scenes, present your case in the courtroom and ultimately serve justice. The OSCR360 software preserves and organizes your critical digital evidence, while the OSCR360 hardware captures entire fire scenes in minutes.

Currently, OSCR is being used by fire departments, fire marshals, arson investigators, district attorneys, Universities and Schools for course curriculum and active shooter pre-planning, environmental safety and protection, and by federal state, local and private agencies.

L-Tron is a proud New York State business. Our Law Enforcement offerings have been deployed in over 3,000 municipalities across all 50 states. We have been working with and for public safety agencies for more than 20 years, specializing in purpose-built equipment developed from our customer’s voice. Your success is our purpose.

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