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Recent acts of mass violence during active shooter events and other incidents in schools, churches and businesses continue to highlight the need for a multi-pronged strategy for both preparation and response. Further, first responders have themselves become the targets of violence in recent months during civil unrest. This special FireRescue1 guide outlines lessons identified from incidents that can direct fire department involvement in threat assessment, improve multi-agency through policy, training and procurement, and inform response and communications strategies on the ground.

How to enhance response to law enforcement incidents utilizing our firefighters’ existing expertise and skill sets
Reviewing the impact of civil unrest, the need to coordinate with other agencies, plus training on active shooter and fire as a weapon
Fire crews must work with EMS, police and other agencies to prepare and prevent independent operations that could compromise responder safety
Six takeaways from the USFA, NHTSA best practices to protect fire and EMS providers responding to incidents of civil unrest
Why ballistic protection is now a necessity, plus 5 steps for how departments can add body armor to their equipment cache