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Reality Training: Fire as a weapon

In this video, Chief Rob Wylie discusses the use of fire as a weapon due to its low-tech, high-yield results

In this video – part of the FireRescue1 special coverage series “Mass violence: Enhanced training for emerging threats” – Chief Rob Wylie discusses the use of fire as a weapon due to its low tech, high yield results. While acknowledging that terrorist groups like ISIS are using this tactic, Wylie points out many examples of U.S citizens engaging in dangerous behaviors that use fire as a weapon, such as the included footage of a woman lighting a house on fire while recording it live on Facebook, and another example of someone setting multiple wildfires.

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Chief Rob Wylie is a 29-year fire service veteran who retired as fire chief of the Cottleville FPD in St. Charles County, Missouri. Wylie has served as a tactical medic and TEMS team leader with the St. Charles Regional SWAT team for the past 19 years. He is a certified instructor and teaches at the state, local and national level on leadership, counter-terrorism and TEMS operations. Wylie graduated from Lindenwood University, the University of Maryland Staff and Command School and the National Fire Academy’s EFO Program. Connect with Wylie on LinkedIn.

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