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Terrorism Response

Terrorism and WMD response is increasingly becoming a responsibility of fire departments working in an ever-dynamic all-hazards environment. The FireRescue1 Terrorism Response resource page offers information to prepare for terrorist events, plus videos and podcasts to help firefighters prepare for mass violence incidents.

A bomb in a van in the underground parking garage exploded killing six people, injuring over 1,000
Firefighters across the state are asking Boston legislators to put aside political differences and accept federal funding
How to address real-world scenarios
Miami Beach officials approved the deployment of 12 firefighters overseas
Emergency services organizations are struggling to meet the escalating needs for medical supplies, equipment and vehicles
Prosecutors say Khalid Sheikh Mohammed may not face the death penalty
At least 50 women who worked as first responders at Ground Zero and those who were nearby may receive coverage from the World Trade Center Health Program
306 active and retired FDNY members — including firefighters and EMS members — have died of 9/11-related illnesses
A FF/paramedic captain recounts hunkering down with victims at the Pentagon on 9/11 while expecting another attack
Cebollero, Dudley and Ludwig discuss honoring the legacy of 9/11
Firefighters must remain vigilant at explosion response scenes, particularly when the blast source has yet to be identified
Our approaches to MCI response and management need to evolve to reflect their increasing complexity and danger
The best way to avoid analysis-paralysis during an MCI is to ‘get some of your thinking out of the way’ beforehand
Moving to Marine Operations helped me stay engaged, process the day and build a fleet capable of protecting New York City
The Plano chief and chairman of the IAFC’s Terrorism & Homeland Security Committee highlights the top security issues fire service leaders must address
343 FDNY firefighters, plus one New York Fire patrolman, were killed in the terrorist attacks, along with dozens of other public safety personnel
The money would shore up the 9/11 World Trade Center Health Program, which was permanently extended, along with the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
Shanksville Chief Terry Shaffer reflects on how his family is inextricably linked to the tragedy – and how they continue to honor the victims and the community
A statement released Friday asks Biden to not attend 20th anniversary memorial services unless he reveals information about Saudi Arabia’s role in the attacks
Calera Fire-Rescue members hope to bring the rescue unit, which is currently for sale on Facebook Marketplace, back to Oklahoma
Chief Richard Carrizzo shared several resources to help fire and EMS chiefs prepare for an uptick in disturbances
While it’s nearly impossible to compare 9/11 and COVID-19, there is one strong similarity
Almost 2 decades later, emergency radio channels used for COVID-19, terrorism scheduled to be cut
In this video, Chief Rob Wylie discusses the use of fire as a weapon due to its low-tech, high-yield results
The Department of Justice said at least one U.S. customer seeking to purchase PPE for fire departments, hospitals and nursing homes was offered 100,000 N95 masks
Antifa has become one of the most prominent militant groups at protests
Some of our newest members had not yet been born when the fire service suffered its darkest day
Considering the increasing frequency of these complex and chaotic incidents, fire departments need a formalized response plan