NFL player quits football to become firefighter

Danny Watkins struggled to adapt to the NFL and his interest in firefighting took on a life of its own

Business Insider

PHILADELPHIA — Former Philadelphia Eagles player Danny Watkins is back to what he was doing before his brief, lucrative experiment in playing football — fighting fires.

Watkins is a fireman in Dallas three years after getting picked in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft, Emily Kaplan of MMQB reports. Watkins has one of the strangest career arcs of any player in the NFL.

He didn't start playing until he was 22, when he was discovered at Butte Community College in California and convinced to play offensive line. He was a natural, and transferred to Baylor two years later. At age 26, he was drafted. Now, at age 30, he's doing the job he wanted to do all along.

Full story: NFL Player Who Made $6 Million Quit Football At Age 29 To Become A Fireman

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