Off-duty Calif. FF delivers his own daughter on side of road

Contra Costa County Firefighter Karl Taugher's put his training into action when he realized he and his wife wouldn't get to the hospital in time

By Laura French

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. — An off-duty California firefighter delivered his own daughter on the side of the road on Wednesday. 

Contra Costa County Firefighter Taugher to the hospital with his wife, who was in labor, when he realized they wouldn't make it to the hospital in time, according to WHDH

"Firefighter Karl Taugher got to put his training, education and experience to good use," the fire department posted on Instagram. 

Taugher delivered the baby girl and called for Engine 22 and AMR Medic 3 crews to complete transport to the hospital. 

"While Karl may have delivered his daughter, he's the first to admit that his wife did all the work and was the real MVP!" the fire department wrote. 

The Taughers said they are still deciding on a name for the baby girl.


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