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Wis. firefighters compete for $1M on ‘The Amazing Race’

Wisconsin firefighters Sunny Pulver and Bizzy Smith are competing on the 36th season of “The Amazing Race”

By Sarah Roebuck

MILWAUKEE — Two firefighters are competing on the 36th season of “The Amazing Race.”

Wisconsin firefighters Sunny Pulver, 41, and Bizzy Smith, 37, are best friends competing this season, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports. Pulver works for the Madison Fire Department and Smith works for the New Berlin Fire Department.

The show features 13 teams who compete in a race around the world. The grand prize is $1 million, CBS states.

On April 17, the show aired its sixth episode of the season, which featured a marathon “megaleg” day in Córdoba, Argentina. The “megaleg” doubles the tasks and detours each team faces.

Pulver and Smith survived this leg of the show, which means they will be heading to the next part of the race in Uruguay.