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Ind. fire lieutenant proposes to firefighter girlfriend with fake fire call

Newburgh Firefighter Shelby Whitehouse ran up to the scene in full gear to find her boyfriend Lt. Zeke Fleming getting down on one knee


Photo/Newburgh Volunteer Fire Department

By Laura French

NEWBURGH, Ind. — A firefighter couple in Indiana is now engaged after a unique proposal involving a fake fire call.

Newburgh Firefighter Shelby Whitehouse responded to the call, but instead of finding a fire, she found her boyfriend, Newburgh Volunteer Fire Department Lt. Zeke Fleming, getting down on one knee, according to WFIE.

According to the fire department, the couple have been together since before Whitehouse joined the department, and the department helped stage the entire call for service in order to help Fleming propose.

Whitehouse said she was happy that Fleming proposed, but that she was “kind of disappointed there wasn’t a fire,” according to WFIE.[0]=AZUetyhkpCzgp7lTkKDLHux5SFo_Prb2cwvMgVkv6chkuOzQ38va8_Ib-bHcbx_lUXa75_CRaRhr9Wu5hm_NE4-r2Y80cyCji4grUZdTkDdK0ItpArRei_sdOf5VZxG78RDRudtH2a30Hvw8t0qfysKP&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R