Fla. firefighter captures serial car burglar outside station

The firefighter found the thief sitting in his car and stepping out with his belongings Sunday

NAPLES, Fla. — After stealing nearly $12,000 worth of items from Naples residents’ vehicles over the weekend, the thief was apprehended by firefighter Garrett Ocana. 

Daniel Haizlip, 20, was arrested Sunday after authorities said he attempted to steal $275 worth of items from Ocana’s vehicle.

Ocana was on duty at the Naples Fire and Rescue station when he saw a man sitting in his car, which was unlocked and parked outside, reported Naples News

As he approached the car, Haizlip stepped out holding Ocana’s iPod, tennis shoes, rescue mask and fishing line.

“I told him, ‘What are you doing, bro? That’s my stuff,’” Ocana said. 

Ocana said the Haizlip began apologizing and setting items down before trying to escape. 

“I heard about the other robberies and just thought, ‘Don’t let him get away,’” Ocana said. 

Ocana and several of his coworkers were able to catch and detain Haizlip until police arrived. 

“While we were holding him down he kept saying, ‘I’m sorry. Please let me go,’” Ocana said. “I told him I accepted his apology but that he was still going to jail.”

Haizlip was charged with one count of burglary and one count of petty theft.

“We always encourage people to keep their doors locked and remove any valuables. Don’t keep anything in there overnight unless you have to,” Police Capt. John Barkley said. 

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