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Survival kit: Roadside safety

This kit contains a collection of our most compelling articles to help educate you on roadside safety precautions.

First responders in Lowndes County were on the scene of a crash when the car went flying up the ramp of the tow truck
A Santa Barbara County captain is in serious but stable condition in an ICU; an engineer has been released from the hospital
Enhanced visibility, compact storage and easy deployment make the old familiar new again, while improving safety for emergency responders
Pennsylvania State Police said that Rebecca Wenrich was hit when she stepped into the road and the path of the apparatus
In this video, Gordon Graham details two interventions that are successful in reducing emergency responder vehicle crashes
One firefighter is in critical condition; the other suffered serious injuries
The alert encourages personnel to postpone non-emergency tasks and focus on safety and survival training, as well as the loss of fellow first responders
Roadsides are among the most dangerous environments firefighters and medics enter; here are ways to keep your crew safe on scene
Roadways are high-risk environments for firefighters; the company officer’s actions can be a deciding factor in firefighter safety
Whether protecting interstate highways or country roads, roadway incidents require vigilance in the course of successful on-scene tactical outcomes
Ensuring good access, staging and egress will help to make the operation go well