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Former Vancouver Captain Gregory Weber’s attorney stated “a firefighter’s life should only be put at risk for the life of another, not mere property”
Veteran FF injured in truck blast that hurt eight others was extubated
Several people were injured, rescued as fire tore through a house in Queens
Beaver Dam firefighters were injured while training on Beaver Dam Lake
One of the seriously injured firefighters remains in stable but critical condition
Loudoun County Fire Rescue identified the fallen firefighter as Trevor Brown of the Sterling Volunteer Fire Company
Firefighters in Loudoun County were investigating a gas leak when the house they were inside exploded
The victim stayed inside the burning Bronx apartment as neighbors begged him to leave
Los Angeles General Medical Center Dr. Molly Deane said it is remarkable the firefighters were not more severely injured
Seven firefighters were injured in an explosion while fighting a truck fire
Duluth Firefighter Ray Skoglund suffered a brain injury and several fractures after being struck by a hit-and-run driver
Michael M. Lopez-Medina is charged with setting fire to vehicles, structures in Woodbury
Three Beaver Dam firefighters were injured, one seriously, during training around Grape Island
Considering how to incorporate psychology into investigations to help prevent firefighter traumatic injury and death
Chicago firefighters fought a 3-alarm fire in frigid conditions after an earlier house fire that injured three firefighters