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World Trade Center

Joseph Zadroga, father of NYPD Detective James Zadroga who died of a respiratory ailment related to work at Ground Zero, was struck by an SUV
Firefighter Michael W. Daly was known for being deeply involved in his Staten Island community
The addition of 43 fire and EMS members who died of illnesses related to Sept. 11 attacks nears the number killed in the collapses
The “9/11 Notice Act” will alert workers in the area of the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks of financial, healthcare benefits
Bob Gear has led Benton County Fire District 1 and the Pasco Fire Department; he also responded to the World Trade Center attack on 9/11
Thomas D. Healy served with the department for 35 years
Matthias Wirtz, a 22-year veteran of the North Haven Fire Department, received CPR before being transported to a hospital
Special Operations Deputy Chief Raymond Downey was an expert on building collapses and technical rescues
Vincent J. Mandala served for 42 years, and his passing follows the deaths of three other former members who responded to the terrorist attack
“We will never forget Firefighter Robert Reynolds, Firefighter Michael Verzi, and Supervising Fire Marshal Jack McCauley,” said UFA President Andrew Ansbro
Lyons helped rescue a man trapped in the rubble of 9/11 and reunited him with his pregnant wife
Samples from Nashville FFs helped researchers compare risks
343 FDNY firefighters, plus one New York Fire patrolman, were killed in the terrorist attacks, along with dozens of other public safety personnel
Port Authority Officer Will Jimeno, who was trapped in the World Trade Center rubble, shares what he has learned from his recovery post-9/11
A new FDNY report examines how members of the World Trade Center Health Program have fared in the past 20 years
The money would shore up the 9/11 World Trade Center Health Program, which was permanently extended, along with the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
Even after FDNY Firefighter Lee Ielpi’s son was recovered from the World Trade Center rubble, he kept searching – and embarked on a mission to educate
We are thankful that the 9/11 stair climb events serve as a vehicle for firefighters across the country to gather and remember their fallen brothers
Retired FDNY Firefighter Lee Ielpi’s mission to collect and share WTC steel focuses on remembrance and education
Along the 500-mile trek from the Pentagon to Shanksville to New York City, I share Stephen’s story and the Tunnel to Towers message
The chief shares his personal 9/11 story, plus the measures employed to reduce LODDs and the support systems that helped in the aftermath
This resource details how incident command unfolded at the scene, the immediate work to support FDNY, and how the tragedy changed the survivors forever
Chief Freddie LaFemina recalls the unimaginable scene at Ground Zero and the relentless work to find his brother firefighters
Readers share their photos of the World Trade Center steel in their communities
How I learned to accept a life without my father and trust that everything happens for a reason
My dad will always be a hero but so are my mom and the people from the firefighter community who have supported us
New York and Ohio researchers are using dust collected within 72 hours of the collapse of the twin towers in their tests
From riding the WTC elevators as a kid to responding to Ground Zero and all the connections along the way