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Top 5 firefighter rescue videos of 2015

There seems to be no territory firefighters won’t tread to make the save; here’s some of the year’s top rescues

2015 has seen some amazing rescues. From a rescue of a fellow firefighter at a mayday apartment fire to off-duty firefighters saving a woman from a burning car, there seems to be no territory firefighters won’t tread to make the save.

We salute your bravery and courage.

See some of this year’s top rescues below.

And, if you think we missed one, let us know in the comment section below!

Off-duty firefighters rescue woman from burning car

They were going to a meeting they thought was scheduled for Thursday but was the day before; they said they were going to the wrong place at the right time.

Crews save fire capt. trapped during apartment fire

The captain, who suffered second-degree burns, was injured after a ceiling collapsed in a second-floor apartment.

Off-duty firefighter pulls woman from sinking SUV

Firefighter Don Bardsley was driving his daughter to school when he saw the submerged vehicle in a pond with its driver trapped.

Firefighter saves woman’s life during his wedding reception

The rescue was so unbelievable that some guests thought the family of first responders had planned it.

Firefighters rescue boy, dog from 23-foot hole

Responding firefighters said as they worked to free the four-year-old boy, they were thinking of their own children; both were unharmed.