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Top 5 acts of firefighter kindness in 2016

Serving the community is the core of any firefighter’s career; here’s a handful of examples of firefighters going above and beyond the call of duty


A mother expressed her gratitude to firefighters for calming her autistic daughter by singing “Wheels on the Bus” after a car crash last month.

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By FireRescue1 Staff

From building a disabled-friendly play fire station to giving a homeless man their shoes, firefighters across the country reminded all of us that we can never be too kind

For firefighters, serving the community is the core of their career. However, many go above and beyond their call of duty — no matter how big or small the deed.

Here are the top five acts of firefighter kindness across the country — we hope they’ll make you smile. Thank you for your service, this year and every year after. Stay safe.

1. Firefighters build play firehouse for boy with spina bifida
Firefighters took it upon themselves to build a specialized play firehouse for 6-year-old Aaron Carter. Due to a birth defect, Aaron has no legs and uses his arms and torso to move when he’s out of his wheelchair. Aaron, a frequent visitor at the Port Arthur fire station, was gifted the play firehouse by firefighters.

2. Firefighters start donation for girl maimed by rock attack
After a 9-year-old was hit in the face by a man throwing rocks at passing cars, Phoenix firefighters took it upon themselves to create a GoFundMe to help pay for her medical and living expenses. The girl underwent a number of reconstructive surgeries. Thanks to firefighters, nearly $15,000 was raised.

3. Mom thanks firefighters for singing to autistic daughter after crash
Firefighters are known for saving lives, but for one Georgia mother and her autistic daughter, they sing too. After Summer Ginn’s vehicle crossed over into oncoming traffic and struck a tree, firefighters on scene were extra attentive to Ginn’s 2-year-old daughter, Raelyn. Firefighters at the scene sang “Wheels on the Bus” to comfort the toddler.

4. Firefighter pays family’s electric bill to keep teen on ventilator
When firefighter Ryan McCuen arrived at the home of Christy Stone, he made the unexpected decision to make sure her son, 18-year-old Troy, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, could continue living. McCuen paid the Stone’s electricity bill after he found out their electric company shut off their electricity, leaving Troy — who needs a ventilator to breathe — only hours to live. McCuen’s selfless actions gained traction and sparked thousands of dollars’ of donations to the family.

5. Photo: Calif. firefighter gives homeless man his shoes
As a crew was returning to its station, they saw an elderly homeless man walking slowly on the side of a freeway overpass. The crew pulled over and firefighter David Gilstrap took of his shoes and gave them to the man.

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