On display: The WTC steel that honors the fallen around the world

Readers share their photos of the World Trade Center steel in their communities

The collapse of the World Trade Center towers was one of the most unbelievable sights in history. The iconic towers, each standing 110 stories tall, suddenly gone from the New York City skyline.

The rubble pile, Ground Zero, was soon the sight of hundreds of firefighters searching for their fallen brothers, with volunteers searching for family members, friends, anyone.

From this pile, however, emerged a symbol of remembrance. When the smoke cleared and the site had been thoroughly searched, there began a process to share the remaining steel with the world – a way to connect with the members who had lost their brothers, a way to honor the fallen.

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Fire departments began requesting pieces of steel for display in their own memorials. Thousands of pieces have since been shared around the world – and requests continue to this day.

Thank you to all the members of the FireRescue1 and EMS1 communities who shared images of the WTC steel on display at their organizations or in their jurisdictions.

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