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Rick Markley

Editor’s Note

Rick Markley is the former editor-in-chief of FireRescue1 and Fire Chief, a volunteer firefighter and fire investigator. He serves on the board of directors of and is actively involved with the International Fire Relief Mission, a humanitarian aid organization that delivers unused fire and EMS equipment to firefighters in developing countries. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and a master’s of fine arts. He has logged more than 15 years as an editor-in-chief and written numerous articles on firefighting. He can be reached at

Private companies spend untold sums to create strong cultures, yet never match that of the fire service; despite our culture’s strength, it cannot go unattended
The most crucial part is to ensure the rigs you have or are requesting are matched to the threats facing the community
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The too-easily offended can become the enemy of correcting genuinely offensive behavior
Left unchecked, harassing behavior will erode fire department morale and contribute to the firefighter suicide problem
Solvable, and often preventable, administrative problems can trip up fire chiefs, even if their intentions are right
Two recent state law votes are a sharp reminder of where key laws influencing firefighting are made
Holding public and private entities responsible for PTSD is a major step toward preventing it
One First Nation fire department shows how having local government, private business and firefighters rowing in the same direction changes outcomes
Here’s my list of the outside world’s best breakthroughs that have the most potential to change the fire service