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AFVi offers critical training for firefighters who deal with natural gas vehicles

Although natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are extremely safe, they present distinct challenges which traditional firefighter training does not address


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Press Release

LAS VEGAS - Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute (AFVi) is proud to announce that updates to its natural gas vehicle training program for firefighters and first responders are now complete. This on-demand e-learning course equips emergency personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary for handling incidents involving natural gas-powered vehicles, ensuring their safety and the communities they serve.

Although natural gas vehicles (NGVs) are extremely safe, they present distinct challenges which traditional firefighter training does not address. These include CNG fuel system components — especially cylinders, valves, and pressure relief devices — designed to protect a vehicle’s high-pressure storage cylinders in the event of a fire. AFVi’s program fills this need by teaching first responders about how to identify NGVs, the unique components of their fuel systems, and how and why fires on these vehicles must be addressed differently than gasoline or diesel vehicles. \

For example, in the event of a fire on or near the fuel storage cylinders of a CNG vehicle, the natural inclination for most firefighters would be to douse the cylinders in water. According to Annalloyd Thomason, AFVi’s CEO, that would be wrong. “Spraying water on CNG cylinders will cool the fuel storage cylinders, which will prevent the required thermally activated pressure relief devices from doing their jobs. The outcome would be cylinder rupture, which can cause serious injury to those in the vehicle’s vicinity.”

AFVi’s course addresses these unique vehicle challenges so that firefighters are fully aware of how to approach them. Key features include comprehensive training modules, how-to simulations, as well as a final exam and certificate of completion. Participants gain insight into the characteristics of natural gas, safety protocols, and advanced response techniques.

Fire departments, emergency services, and first responders are encouraged to learn more about this course so that their teams are fully prepared to manage any incident involving NGVs with safety and confidence.

For more information, please visit AFVi’s first responder training course page.

About AFVi

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute is the only ASE-accredited training provider in the alternative fuels industry. Its mission is to advance the adoption of alternative fuels and clean vehicle technologies by empowering professionals with industry insights and comprehensive training.