Firefighters rescue St. Bernard stuck on roof of home

Renee Roth was dog-sitting her son’s 180-pound pet when he jumped through the upstairs window and became stranded on the roof

By FireRescue1 Staff

SPRING LAKE PARK, Minn. — A group of firefighters rescued a St. Bernard who became stranded on the roof of a home.

CBS Minnesota reported that Whisky, a 5-year-old, 180-pound St. Bernard, had to be rescued by the Spring Lake Park-Mounds View Fire Department after he jumped out of an upstairs window and onto the roof.

“We do occasionally get the cat-in-the-tree call, but dog on a roof, not so much,” Lt. Anthony Scavo said.

Whisky was being dog-sat by his owner’s mother, Renee Roth, who was making dinner when she heard a commotion upstairs.

“I ran up to see what was happening and the dog wasn’t in there and I assumed the worst,” she said.

Roth found that the dog was standing on a small piece of roof.

“He was standing there and he kept looking over at the garage, and I’m like ‘Don’t jump!'”

When firefighters arrived, they removed the entire window to allow for Whisky to be able to get back through.

“It was an effort of pushing from the outside and pulling from the inside, and once Whisky figured out what we were doing, I think he kind of cooperated and jumped through,” Battalion Chief Jeremiah Anderson said. “It all happened pretty quickly.”


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Posted by Spring Lake Park, Blaine, Mounds View Fire Dept. on Friday, June 8, 2018


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