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The weird news topic covers offbeat news about firefighting – all the quirky, unusual news that everyone in the firehouse is going to be talking about.

Kingston firefighters rescued two teens trapped inside the swing seats intended for small children
Fire Chief
Officials in Springfield defend the fire commissioner’s use of the SUV to kill raccoon
Animal Rescue
Zebras, camels and a miniature horse were rescued from a burning truck in Grant County
Glendale firefighters respond to an unusual rescue call
Animal Rescue
Utilizing special tools and the prompt assistance of a backhoe, the 24-year-old mare was successfully extricated
Passengers fled the Grand Romance riverboat replica as it burned, before the Vallejo Fire Department brought the flames under control
A 41-year-old firefighter decided to “randomly” play the lottery ahead of his shift, and it paid off – literally
Tulsa firefighters had to cut part of the flagpole off for the victim to fit into an ambulance
Knox County deputies said Sidney David Whitsell set the fire when he learned there wasn’t a hamburger for him
A bit of miscommunication for Portage firefighters ended in a unique rescue
A two-alarm fire at American International College in Springfield left cadavers without constant refrigeration
The Wellborn fire chief told a deputy that he had allowed the woman to spend the night at the firehouse
Video shows Wilmington Engine 3, Rescue 2 FFs at an outdoor retailer for a unique rescue
CAL FIRE crews responded after a Mini Cooper went through the window and injured a customer inside the Placer County store
Animal Rescue
“We never know what kind of calls we will be paged out to. Sometimes our furry friends need our help,” the Surf City Fire Department said on Facebook
The occupant was unhurt, but how the vehicle got onto its tailgate remains a mystery
The Palm Beach County first responder left his gear in the vehicle along with his Apple MacBook Air, which he pinged
The Escondido apparatus got help from a tow truck
New Bedford crewmembers did not let the Nissan get in their way
The Portland City Council’s provision is part of a labor deal to increase pay for firefighters forced to work mandatory overtime due to short staffing
Animal Rescue
Members of the Seminole County Fire Department’s large animal rescue team responded after the cow got stuck trying to get a drink from a nearby pond
In the 911 cellphone call, dispatchers can be heard saying, “you’re stuck where?” and “scream as loud as you can”
The Madison Fire Department said crewmembers pulled a pan of burned hamburger off the stove before a fire could ignite
Austell Firefighter Bret Langston’s daughter didn’t have time to get to a birthing center – a bunk room would do
Warehouse Point firefighters are using the incident to notify the public of the dangers that can be involved with lithium batteries.
Taney County EMS providers treated and transported two occupants of a damaged “Dukes of Hazzard”-style orange Dodge Charger
Central Berkeley EMT Lacey Klein’s video of Barbara Gillespie, 72, touched many after Gillespie fell near Klein’s front door while delivering pizza
Eloy Fire District firefighters ensured electricity to the power lines was turned off before working to free the man