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N.C. firefighters called to remove 12-foot alligator from road

The Boiling Spring Lakes Fire Rescue social media post said firefighters had been called to help police with a “dragon”

By Cliff Pinckard

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. — This wasn’t exactly getting a cat out of a tree.

Firefighters with Boiling Spring Lakes Fire Rescue were given an unusual task early Saturday morning when the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office called to report there was a large alligator blocking a road. In a news release, the fire department says the alligator, which it described as a “dinosaur” and a “dragon,” was lunging at passing cars.

“This extra large fella was estimated to be roughly 12 feet long and we weren’t brave enough to attempt a weigh-in,” the news release says.

The department says firefighters first tried to “walk this gentleman across the road,” but were unsuccessful. It was then they turned to “what we know best” ... they got out a fire hose.

“With a gentle shower deployed to encourage a retreat, the gator finally decided he was done with civilization for the time being and finally moved on back into his more natural habitat,” the news release says. “Just when you think you’ve seen it all.”

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