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Animal Rescue

Mid-County FPD firefighters were responding to a call when they came across the injured bald eagle
Zebras, camels and a miniature horse were rescued from a burning truck in Grant County
St. George firefighters used extrication tools to free the deer trapped between two posts as other deer watched
Video shows a North Davis Fire District firefighter rescuing a dog from the freezing water
Glendale firefighters respond to an unusual rescue call
Horse owners worry about what will happen during the next wildfire as service faces dwindling membership
Adams County Fire Rescue personnel were called by animal control to develop a technical rescue plan
First responders went beyond the call of duty, pulling animals from sinkholes, frozen ponds and bear dens
The East Haddam firefighters named the kitten, who was treated with pet CPR and oxygen administration, Soot
Utilizing special tools and the prompt assistance of a backhoe, the 24-year-old mare was successfully extricated
Firefighters in Sevier County had set up trail cameras to know when the bear left the cave
Wesell Chapel firefighters and the Cabarrus County Large Animal Rescue Task Force worked out several mechanical advantages to rescue Ms. Lexi
Forsyth County firefighters had been initially sent to a smoke investigation in the area when the call was upgraded to a structure fire
Three firefighters were injured battling a fire that extended into multiple three-deckers in Mattapan
A bit of miscommunication for Portage firefighters ended in a unique rescue
Newport News firefighters were called on for their ladder truck to rescue “Ledge Cat”
A rope system was rigged to raise “Dora” from a sinkhole in Granville County
Dickson County EMS worked to save a horse in a barn collapse
Johnson City firefighters spent the better part of an hour rescuing the fawn from inside the storm drain
Morgan County firefighters were called to a rescue at a demolished house
Bantam and Litchfield FFs used a wheeled stretcher to move the dog out of the Mount Tom State Park
An RV outside of the American Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show in Tampa burned as some bystanders tried to rescue the dogs inside
The bodies of 1 person and 2 horses were found inside Fulcher’s Red Fox Stables in Merrit after the fire was extinguished
Everyone was out of the building but when Mobile firefighters arrived, they were told “Ginger” was still inside
A pile-up on the Missouri River Bridge involved a cattle carrier with 57 head of cattle
Fire in the Metro Richmond Zoo’s workshop quickly spread to the animal hospital and feed storage room
Campbell firefighters were called out for a deer stuck in a dumpster at the waste water treatment plant
Engine 11, Truck 16 and Battalion 4 responded to a tree down on a “house”