Ala. volunteer fire dept. burglarized, fire trucks stolen

Mayfield Fire Chief Tim Brown said suspects filled two fire trucks with equipment, drove them away and later abandoned them on the side of the highway

By FireRescue1 Staff

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. — Police are looking for suspects after a fire station was vandalized and two fire department trucks were stolen.

WBRC reported that the Mayfield Volunteer Fire Department was broken into and two fire trucks were stolen, according to Chief Tim Brown, who received a tip from a civilian that the stolen trucks were abandoned on the side of the highway.

Chief Brown said the suspects filled the trucks with equipment from the department. The trucks were driven back to the station, but Chief Brown added that until police finish the investigation, the department has no equipment to respond to calls.

"We're volunteers, we work on a fixed income of donations,” Chief Brown said. “We work our rear ends off all year to keep the doors open and all. And we get this done to us, vandalized and all that. It infuriates me."

The incident is currently under investigation.


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