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The agency wants to cutback on the foam in an effort to limit how much of the chemicals go into the environment
The airport crash truck uses Purple K chemical to suppress a raging underground fire that burned for hours
A small plane crashed into a residential neighborhood in Maryland, killing the pilot and damaging two homes
The crash killed the pilot and ignited a structure fire and car fire
Video shows home engulfed in fire after being struck by a Cessna aircraft
Officials state that bringing ARFF in-house means it eliminates expenses currently paid by the airport authority
ARFF1 is equipped with a watering system to extinguish a ground fire, a compressed air line to run power tools and an infrared camera to help identify hot spots
Structural firefighters face unique location, access, PPE and site security challenges when responding to general aviation aircraft crashes
You’ve probably not spent much time thinking about responding to an aircraft fire; here’s a quick quiz to make sure you’re prepared in case of emergency
Infants and women who are pregnant or are nursing should not drink the water; is safe for other adults
The plane was delayed 10 hours and the entire incident delayed 30 flights
The lawsuit accuses officials of gross negligence, carelessness and failure to properly advise others of the time and location of the drill
Veteran firefighter Mitchell Ow is awake and breathing on his own after overturning a rig on an airport tarmac
Veteran firefighter Mitchell Ow, 55, was not thrown from the vehicle, but sustained major injuries
Proximity firefighting ensembles are not just for aircraft firefighting, and not all suits have the same level of protection