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Pink fire truck honoring cancer victim allegedly set on fire

The Tallahassee Fire Department is investigating after the retired fire truck dedicated to a woman who died from liver cancer went up in flames

pink fire truck fire.jpg

By Laura French

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A retired fire truck that was donated and painted pink in memory of a young woman who died from cancer was vandalized and set ablaze Tuesday, according to the woman’s family.

The Tallahassee Fire Department is investigating the incident after the truck owned by the Pink Heals Tallahassee Chapter and named after 18-year-old Ariel Gandy, who died from liver cancer in 2012, was discovered damaged by flames, WTXL reported.

“I think it’s pretty pitiful that someone can destroy something like that,” Frank Gandy, Ariel’s father, said. “There was a lot of love that was put into that truck.”

The truck was decorated with personal messages and signatures from Ariel Gandy’s loved ones, some of which were burned in the incident. Pink Heals, a volunteer organization that raises money for cancer-related charity causes, had used the truck to support its fundraising efforts in Tallahassee.

The fire department is investigating the fire as a possible arson.

Community members said they hope to repair the fire truck.

“We, as a community built her in the beginning and we will rebuild her again,” said Tallahassee Fire Department Spokeswoman and Engineer-EMT Sarah Cooksey in a Facebook post. “From the ashes she will rise even more beautiful than before. She will continue to serve families and spread love.”