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‘Attack every situation’: Vince Bettinazzi shares shift expectations

The Myrtle Beach (S.C.) training chief talks go/no-go decision-making, plus creating a culture that prioritizes action

Today’s podcast unpacks the complex topic of go/no-go decision-making, focusing on vertical ventilation and search tactics. Our guest down this rabbit hole is Training Chief Vince Bettinazzi, who authored one of the articles in FireRescue1’s latest training tool, “Go/no-go decision making on the fireground,” which is available to download and share with your crews. We dig into all of this:

  • “Aggressive” vs. “attack” semantics
  • How to update size-up reports
  • Pulling off AARs even when you can’t gather the full crew
  • Don’t miss: Bettinazzi’s pocket doors pro tip for search crews
  • Episode power quote: “I think that you are limiting yourself so greatly by being a one-trick pony when you show up [on the scene], and if it doesn’t work, there’s no recovery because you didn’t plan.”
  • Hot seat sneak peek: How Vince blows off steam

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