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FDNY’s Frank Leeb: ‘We can do better. Start today.’

The deputy chief talks ‘30 Fires You Must Know,’ learning from the Twin Parks fire, his best advice, plus his favorite firehouse meals

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On this episode of the Better Every Shift podcast, FDNY Deputy Chief Frank Leeb joins Zam to talk about what it means to be better every run, every day, every shift, plus:

  • The transferability of experience – and lessons learned;
  • The power of tracking small failures;
  • The greatest threat to today’s firefighters;
  • What we do too much, too late and too fast; and
  • The best advice he’s ever received – and that he passes on to others.

What else …

  • Don’t miss: Twin Parks fire review and analysis
  • Hot seat sneak peek: Favorite firehouse meal
  • Episode power quote: “Why can’t we learn the lesson that somebody else paid the price for maybe thousands of miles away?”

Stuff we mentioned on the show …

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Better Every Shift Podcast
Better Every Shift Podcast

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