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‘I don’t want rules-followers’: Brian Fennessy champions intent-driven firefighters

The Orange County (Calif.) fire chief explains why a compliance-based mindset doesn’t always work in the world of chaos around us

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Don’t get the wrong idea here. “Rules are important,” says Orange County (California) Fire Authority Chief Brian Fennessy; however, firefighters need to be trusted to make smart decisions when things go awry in the world of chaos around us – and this trust is best achieved through an intent-driven culture where members understand the organizational mission. Plus, we dig into all this:

  • Learn: The OCFA Doctrine
  • Action: The power of a station visit
  • Laugh: Firefighters’ keen abilities to sniff out a fraud
  • High note: IAFC’s Career Fire Chief of the Year Award honor
  • Power quote: “Legacy? I don’t need some stinkin’ legacy.”

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