2 Ga. firefighters speak out about rescuing trapped colleagues

The firefighters said the house blaze was the worst fire they had seen in their combined 50 years of service

By FireRescue1 Staff

ATLANTA — Two firefighters recalled their experience of saving their colleagues from a house blaze.

LaGrange Fire Department Lt. James Ormsby III and Sgt. Chris Greathouse spoke to FOX5 Atlanta about rescuing four trapped firefighters from what they described as the worst fire they had seen in their combined 50 years of experience.

The two men were part of a team that went into the house after the firefighters and tried to find an exit for them.

“I looked up on the porch and there was a freezer blocking a window which could be an exit for the boys. So, I tried to push on the freezer and it wouldn’t move,” Ormsby said. “And I said ‘We’ve got to get this out of here.’ And when I pushed the freezer the second time it just flew across the porch. And right then a firefighter’s hand came out of the window.”

Greathouse was overcome with emotion when talking about the experience, and said the firefighters were rescued in seconds.

“When the mayday call went out, we went into get them,” he said. “And that was probably the worst feeling I have ever felt to know that I’ve got to go in and get my guys.”

Four firefighters, Pete Trujillo, Josh Williams, Jonathan Williamson and Jordan Avera, are currently hospitalized with severe burns, and a fifth firefighter was treated and released for minor burns.

“Yesterday, we really needed to be around each other and cross that next hurdle and there are going to be many hurdles to follow, so please keep us in your prayers,” Ormsby said.

Click here to donate to a GoFundMe created for the families of the hospitalized firefighters.


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