Mich. firefighters sickened by carbon monoxide on call

Firefighters responded to what they thought was just a medical call and were transported to the hospital after one firefighter collapsed

By FireRescue1 Staff

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — Firefighters were transported to the hospital after unknowingly responding to a carbon monoxide call and becoming ill.

Click on Detroit reported that four firefighters responded to what they thought was just a medical call despite a 911 call reporting carbon monoxide inside of the home.

A contractor called 911 and said his colleague was unconscious and that he was too weak to help his colleague out of the home.

Dispatcher: "Is he breathing?"

Caller: "He's breathing."

Dispatcher: "OK, stay on the phone with me. I'm going to go ahead and send ...”

Caller: "But I can't wake him up. I think we both have carbon monoxide poisoning."

When firefighters arrived, they rushed into the home to help, unaware of the carbon monoxide. Upon exiting the house, one of the firefighters collapsed.

"They went down. They were able to extricate the victim from the basement. They carried him out on a sheet-type device. When they made it to the top of the stairs, one of the firefighters felt ill. They were able to get out to the front lawn at which point that firefighter collapsed," the Canton Township fire chief said.

The firefighters and contractors were transported to the hospital. The firefighters were released the next day, but the condition of the contractors is unknown.


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