What firefighter habits follow you off duty?

Admit it, you've done some and maybe even all of these before

Whether it’s keeping your clothes and boots ready at any moment's notice or finding yourself backing into any and every available parking space, being a firefighter doesn't leave you just because you're off duty.

We asked our fans on Facebook to share habits they find themselves doing when not on the clock. Here are some of the more humorous responses.

Don't see a habit you have? Add yours in the comment section.

1."I back into parking spaces way too often." — Mike Hughes

2."How about talking to people like you are on the radio? I find myself saying 'stand by, en route, etc.'" — Chad Tucker

3."I keep my belt, wallet and keys in my pants when I go to bed. If there's a call, I throw them on and I'm out the door!" — Aaron DePack

4."I have set my cell phone ring to the radio page sound — even if my radio is nearby — just in case." — Jordie Dwyer

5."Every time I pull my garden hose out, I throw it on my shoulder and run with it." — Travis Miller

6."I stop a car length or more in my personal truck behind vehicles at stop lights in case we catch a run." — Ray Harvey

7."I make U-turns in my car the same way I do in the ambulance. I pull out to the middle of the intersection and then flip the U-turn. I often get in my car and think it has the column shifter." — Tatiana Barreto

8."I drain my garden hose using the over the shoulder method." — Mark Mallett 

9."I often make the air brake sound when I stop and pull the hand brake in my car." — Tommy Shaw

10."I lay the power cord out on the vacuum like I’m laying out a 1 3/4 on a burner." — Michael Miller

11."I 360 my truck before going anywhere." — Joel C. Guest

12."Wore socks to bed for about 20 years. Tend to spot hydrants, no matter what I'm driving." — Dave Bloom 

13."I find myself writing my unit number on things before I put it in the fridge at home." — Kevin Douglas

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