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10 more fire- and EMS-themed family books to enjoy

There’s nothing like sharing a good book with your family and learning what it means to help others at the same time


Kids are more engaged with the world around us than ever before, and what better way to introduce them to the work and sacrifice of first responders than by reading about them?

In these 10 fire-themed books aimed at the whole family, learn how firefighters, emergency service workers and other first responders keep the community and residents safe.

1. A day in the life of a firefighter

This book is geared toward children ages 3-5 years old who are learning how to read and describes what a full day of firefighting looks like.

2. Clifford the Firehouse Dog

Who doesn’t love Clifford? In this story, the iconic pup and his owner, Emily Elizabeth, go visit Clifford’s brother, who is a firehouse dog, and learn what it’s like to help others.

3. A hero lives in my family: A story for kids of first responders

This story is for kids of first responders to learn about their Helping Hero’s job and the various feelings it can bring about. At the end of the day, the Helping Hero’s favorite job is being a parent!

4. The gingerbread man loose on the fire truck

Ready for some gingerbread mischief? Kids will be chanting the new rhyme: “I’ll ride to the rescue, as fast as I can. I want to help, too! I’m the Gingerbread Man!”

5. Firefighter Ted

When Ted doesn’t see anyone around to help him, he knows he has to step up.

6. Jimmy, the little red fire truck

In this story, a small fire truck deals with getting picked on by its big brothers, which are big ladder trucks.

7. Plan and Prepare! Fire Safety

This sing-along picture book will make kids want to practice these four life-saving rules over and over again. Young readers will feel like heroes as they sing along to this catchy song about fire safety.

8. Fire Truck Dreams

This delightful book about a heroic fire truck preparing for bed will be a favorite for any fan of fire trucks and everyday heroes.

9. My dad is a firefighter

Get ready for an exciting ride-a-long with a firefighter as we join young Jaden sharing what he learns about all the scary, wonderful and daring things his dad gets into when he goes off to work.

10. Ultimate spotlight: Firefighters

From putting out fires to taking care of the fire trucks and rescuing people, firefighters in the city stay very busy. Chock-full of age-appropriate information, this book is an exciting introduction to the world of firefighters.

This article, originally published in October 2020, has been updated.

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