Boy surrendered at fire station reunites with responder who took him in

Seven-year-old Diego’s birth mother took him to a Sacramento fire station as a newborn and gave him to firefighter-paramedic Matt Rosales

By FireRescue1 Staff

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A boy who was surrendered to a fire station as a newborn reunited with the firefighter-paramedic who took him in.

KCRA reported that Sacramento Fire Department firefighter-paramedic Matt Rosales never forgot the moment 7-year-old Diego’s birth mother showed up at the fire station holding him as a newborn.

“I just looked down there and there’s a lady holding a baby, full of sorrow and sadness, and so I knew something was wrong,” Rosales said. “He was just a newborn; he still had his umbilical cord.”

Diego was eventually adopted by Amanda Sanchez, who tracked down the fire station he was left at, as well as Rosales.

“We were able to come to the station open house and just surprise him and show up, and we’ve been friends ever since,” Sanchez said.

Rosales said a bond has been formed between him and Diego since they met.

“I’ll be there for him in any way I can help,” Rosales said.

Sanchez said Diego now wants to be a firefighter when he grows up, and added that his mother did the “bravest thing any woman could do.”

“She loved something that she didn’t even know; she gave birth to a little son, and she trusted and gave him up, and he has a wonderful life.”


In keeping with the Celebration of EMS week, Sacramento Fire wanted to highlight a story that was not necessarily about patient care, but about the events that can have a profound affect on our members and the community we serve. 7 years ago Diego’s birth mother knocked on Station 4’s door and handed over newly born Diego to Matt, as a safe surrender newborn. Matt has stayed in contact with Diego and his adoptive mother Amanda, watching him grow and having visits to the firehouse. The Safely Surrendered Baby Law responds to the increasing number of newborn infant deaths due to abandonment in unsafe locations. The law's intent is to save lives of newborn infants at risk of abandonment by encouraging parents or persons with lawful custody to safely surrender the infant within 72 hours of birth, with no questions asked.

Posted by Sacramento Fire Department on Thursday, May 24, 2018


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